Welcome to H. Beckwith Designs! 

Markus Spiske from Unsplash

Everyone belongs in nature because nature belongs to everyone. Outdoor spaces can provide opportunities to learn, gather and heal by connecting with the surrounding natural beauty —even in dense urban spaces. 

H. Beckwith Designs exists to curate these opportunities through thoughtful landscape designs that emphasize living in harmony with nature. The designs created prioritize native plantings, edible beauty in the garden and sustainable landscaping practices that are responsive to your needs.

What is lifestyle landscaping?

Outdoor living spaces are more than just patios and play equipment. They are places for gathering, learning, producing food, exploring, and relaxing. The goal of H. Beckwith Designs is to create landscaping that is beautiful, accessible and functional — a space that not only fits your lifestyle but enhances it.

Mel Elias from Unsplash

The goal is for you to embrace all that nature has to offer. HBeckwith Designs creates custom designs that meet your unique needs. Whatever your vision, the design created for you will go beyond everyday landscaping to rekindle a love for nature in a garden that grows for you and with you.

A lifestyle garden is a garden in which you can enjoy nature in your own backyard throughout your whole life, whether it’s playing, learning, growing, connecting, or exploring. 

Stay grounded, learn something new, and stay engaged with the outdoors surrounding you. 

All nature is meant to make us think of paradise.  – Thomas Merton